Jeff Butts Instructional Junior Rates

Creating the Superstars of Tomorrow

Junior Instruction Rates

The reduced junior fees are to encourage Junior participation. Younger Juniors may need a more abbreviated session length than whats listed. These short sessions or mini-lessons are what is needed to assist the younger Juniors with small doses of guidance. More advanced and older juniors may need longer than the listed times. These advanced players may need a 1/2 day, full day or multiple days of instruction on various areas of their golf game.

Junior Rate Pricing

Lesson Length 1 Lesson
30 Mins $45
60 Mins $80
90 Mins $110
120 Mins $135
All Rates Subject to Change, Contact Jeff to Confirm. If you are interested in a custom amount of instructional time, contact Jeff to arrange

How Jeff Manages Junior Instruction

Juniors may experience the same variety and levels of instruction as adults. Juniors are just like adults and the seasoned golfer need repetition to build habit. Juniors especially younger juniors need to enjoy not only playing but practice and instruction sessions often with more play than adults. Instruction and practice topics or tasks need to vary frequently. Often adding games or competition with themselves and others during instruction or practice. Confirming the fit or fitting juniors for the correct equipment as they start to grow is essential to the juniors improvement and enjoyment.

Instruction Subjects Include:
  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Sand Bunker Play
  • Various Lies
  • Flighting
  • Curving
  • Course Management
  • Rules & Etiquette
  • Full Swing
  • Video Analysis
  • Equipment Fitting
  • Visualization
  • Pre-shot routine
  • On-Course