Jeff Butts Biography

Jeff Butts has been teaching golf for over 30 years

Jeff Butts Teaching Professional

Jeff has been a golf professional since 1985. Jeff currently teaches all skill levels, most ages, juniors ages three and up and there is no age limit to the seasoned golfer. With the teaching philosophy that every golfer is an individual and has there own unique motion in all areas of the game. The use of what people already do naturally is the key to the most repeatable motion for each individual.

Certified Level 5 Wright Balance Fitter

Balance is an integral part to any sport and using Dr. David Wright's WRIGHTBALANCE system I can identify where you have core symmetry and your dominate core region. With core symmetry you hips will line up square. Balance and the use of ground reaction forces will improve. You will learn your balance stance widths for repetition and reduce stress on your body. Learn your grip size to assist in visualizing the line to the target. Reduce discomfort from injuries or reduce the chance of injuries with a balanced set up and correct grip size for your core region.

Bio Swing Dynamics Certified Instructor

This system identified and created Hall of Fame Instructor Mike Adams and Top 100 Instructor E.A. Tischler. It takes into account that no two swings are the same as E.A. Tischler has calculated over three trillion combinations to the golf swing. Gathering your blue print is a sequence of tests to identify how your body is designed to setup and function. You will setup more natural and create a more effortless and powerful motion for you. Also less chance of injury by trying to do what your body is already wired to do.

Indoor Golf Studio

The indoor golf studio lets you practice and learn while escaping some challenging Illinois weather days. Some of you best practice is done when the result of the ball is somewhat unknown, such as striking a ball into a net or screen. These sessions allow you to focus repeatedly on the process of your motion without the anxiety of the outcome and yet your still getting excellent repetitions fro your brain. It features a Par T simulator for playing, practicing full swing thru putting. A MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment Station, this will give you the feedback necessary to assist with identifying and correcting many different patterns in your motion. The main practice bay is setup to train from short chipping all the way thru full swing. Multiple mirrors are also used for reflection training.

How Jeff Manages Individual Instruction

Individual Instruction is for Beginning skill level and age through the Advanced skill level and age. Instruction sessions can be brief and effective for a limited area or your golfing skill. Extended sessions can be 1/2 day, full day or multiple days for multiple areas of the game of golf including on course instruction. Practice balls are included in the instruction fee.

Instruction Subjects Include:
  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Sand Bunker Play
  • Various Lies
  • Flighting
  • Curving
  • Course Management
  • Rules & Etiquette
  • Full Swing
  • Video Analysis
  • Equipment Fitting
  • Visualization
  • Pre-shot routine
  • On-Course