Seven Series Rates

A comprehensive golf lesson series for every skill level

Seven Series

The Seven Lesson Series is designed for all skill levels. This will guide the beginner in learning the fundamentals oh his or her own set up and motion for Putting, Chipping, Short Pitching to Full Swing, Sand Bunker Play, Golf Course Etiquette, Pre Shot Routine and Introduction into club design and club selection. For the Intermediate to Advanced golfer you will gain, refresh or reconfirm the knowledge and skill in the above mentioned subjects needed for good golf.

Seven Series Description

Number of Sessions Lesson Description
Session 1 Set Up, Motion and Drills for 1/4 & 1/2 Pitching
Session 2 Set Up, Motion and Drills for Putting
Session 3 Review 1/4 & 1/2 from session 1. Set up, Motion and Drills for 3/4 Pitching
Session 4 Finish Putting from session 2. Set up, Motion and Drills for Chipping
Session 5 Review 3/4 from session 3. Set Up, Motion and Drills for Full Swing
Session 6 Set Up, Motion and Drills for Sand Bunker Play
Session 7 Set Up, Motion and Drills for Full Swing with Hybrids, Fairway Metals and Driver
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Seven Series Pricing

Lesson Length Junior Adults Number of Students
45 Mins $390 $480 1
55 Mins $510 $620 2
65 Mins $640 $795 3
75 Mins $785 $990 4
All Rates Subject to Change

1 Adult with 1 Junior = $565
1 Adult with 2 Juniors = $690
1 Adult with 3 Juniors = $835
1 Junior with 2 Adults = $740
1 Junior with 3 Adults = $935
2 Juniors with 2 Adults = $885

Juniors can experience the same benefit from the Seven Lesson Series as adults. Younger Juniors are encouraged to decrease the lesson length and increase the number of instruction sessions, there is no additional fee to change this format.

Extended Session--Junior/s--Adult/s
1 Student--60 minutes--$480--$600
2 Students--70 minutes--$610--$770
3 Students--80 minutes--$745--$940
4 Students--90 minutes--$875--$1110

Extended with Adults and Juniors in the same group
1 adult - 1 junior $690
1 adult - 3 juniors $930
2 adults - 1 junior $875
3 adults - 1 junior $1050

How Jeff Manages Individual Instruction

Individual Instruction is for Beginning skill level and age through the Advanced skill level and age. Instruction sessions can be brief and effective for a limited area or your golfing skill. Extended sessions can be 1/2 day, full day or multiple days for multiple areas of the game of golf including on course instruction. Practice balls are included in the instruction fee.